Tutti Frutti

The TUTTI FRUTTI Rosé is an authentic wine, fruited, very pleasant.

TUTTI FRUTTI is the perfect idea of what a pleasurable rosé should be. Round, aromatic, lively, with a good colour, to be drunk at the aperitif or throughout the meal.

It is a bled rosé, that it is to say vinified from the first Grenache juice and, depending on the years, a little Syrah, Cinsault or Carignan. It is fermented at cold temperature to preserve all the aromas of fresh fruit, strawberry, raspberries, pepper, etc.

Tutti Frutti requires as much caring work as any other wine and much attention to keep its lovely colour and primary aromas.

It will superbly go with every summer meal and will nicely accompany food wich are usually difficult to match with wine, such as spicy dishes, fruit or ice-cream.


2014 will be available in sring 2015